Monday, 21 April 2014

INTRODUCING heat & eat in 10

Hi BW friends & subscribers
After many requests and much deliberation on the idea (and lots of fun researching & experimenting), we are introducing

Baba's Wife heat & eat in 10

It's a limited range of some of the freezer-friendly dishes we've been serving, vacuum-packed in 2-serve portions  in Italian-made, BPA-free  and FDA-approved bags, safe to boil-in-the-bag to 100°C.

All food packs are frozen and labeled with easy stove-top and microwave instructions... plus freezer-safe dates; convenient for busy students or stocking up for when mum goes on her solo holiday. 

Where the ingredient is essential (such as the use of belachan and coconut milk) these dishes are prepared using gluten-free ingredients and where possible, herbs from the garden ;-)

At $12 per pack, these are 2-serve portions.
Immediately available:
  1. Chicken Curry Kapitan
  2. Beef Serunding
  3. Assam Fish Curry
Coming soon: beef rendang and dried cuttlefish sambal