Friday, 3 October 2014

Adding another pork dish to the range: Devil Curry

Hi BW friends & subscribers

Few  changes to the dishes available in the

Baba's Wife heat & eat in 10 range.

It's a limited range of some of the freezer-friendly dishes we've been serving, vacuum-packed in 2-serve portions  in Italian-made, BPA-free  and FDA-approved bags, safe to boil-in-the-bag to 100°C.

Beef Serunding 
Buah Keluak curry 

At $12 per pack, these are 2-serve portions.
Immediately available:
  1. Shredded pork-belly Devil Curry - new
  2. Babi PongTeh 
  3. Chicken Buah Keluak 
  4. Chicken Nyonya Curry
  5. Beef Serunding
  6. Beef Rendang 
  7. Asam Fish
Shredded pork-belly Devil Curry